Frank Nuyts


Flute, Oboe/Voice & Piano

No quiero que os separéis

Frank Nuyts

Frank Nuyts was born in Oostende in 1957. He studied percussion at the Ghent Conservatory and composition with Lucien Goethals at the Instituut voor Pyschoacoustica en Electronische Muziek (IPEM).

Around 1985 his style started veering towards post-modernism. From then on, elements of popular music are imbedded in his work. Having embraced the motoric ‘groove’ of popular music (eg. ‘Rastapasta’), his compositions remain nevertheless multi-layered, rhythmically complex and unashamedly virtuosic.. In 1989, together with Iris De Blaere, he sets up the cross-over band Hardscore, recording four CDs (eg. ‘Methane’, ‘Surf, wind and desire’, ‘Monkey Trial’) and undertaking international tours.

Since that time he has produced an extensive and varied oeuvre of Concertos (piano, marimba and cello), five Symphonies, 22 piano Sonatas, several vocal works and a varied list of chamber music. Recent collaborations with important writers such as Phillippe Blasband and Rosa Monteiro have led to a number of chamber operas: ‘Bekket’ for Leporello; ‘Middle East’ for LOD, ‘Tongval’, 'Noite inquieta', ‘Paternel’, ‘Chut!’ and ‘Cambio madre por moto’.

In 2014, the Hardscore band was rebooted, with visuals by various young video artists, which lead to ‘Carbon fixation’ (2015) commissioned by De Bijloke Arts Centre. Until 2017 Frank Nuyts taught composition and orchestration at the Ghent School of Arts. Together with Iris De Blaere he founded the new festival ‘En Avant Mars’ for the Music Centre De Bijloke in Ghent.

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