Flute, Oboe/Voice & Piano

Below you can find our carefully balanced programs.
Each program is built around a fascinating theme with a variety of compositions. It’s possible to modify the concert to your wishes. Feel free to contact us for concert requests or for more information.

From tales of One Thousand and One Nights

Night after night, Sheherazade tells her stories and distracts him from his plan to kill her. Poet Tristan Klingsor wrote an entire collection of poems about the elaborate narrator. Maurice Ravel set three of these poems to music and transports us to exotic orders and intriguing loves. Triotique completes with surprising pieces, full of color and fantasy. A world to dream away in.

OPERA, baby! Triotique presents well-known arias in an intimate setting. Strong female opera characters are the source of inspiration for this programme. A concert with a range of emotions. Temperament assured!

Louise Farrenc was a musical prodigy and dreamed of becoming a composer, but in her time the composition class was only open to boys. Cécile Chaminade was loved for her salon music, but her larger works (opera, ballet, ...) were never taken seriously. Mel Bonis never mentioned her full first name "Mélanie" on her works, hoping not to be exposed as a woman.
Triotique dives into the archives and puts some unjustly forgotten female composers back on the map.

What kind of music do you get when you ask young contemporary composers to write a piece with the theme '3D'? Triotique tested it out and got six completely different new pieces, with which the ladies promptly recorded their first full CD. In this concert they present the new compositions, in combination with their favorite pieces for this unique line-up.